I am a person, created in the image of Christ. I live for Him and die to myself daily. The direction of this blog changed in April of 2017 when my husband and I became licensed foster parents. I love the Lord my God with all my heart and I strive to please Him and be more like Him every day. My journey through the world of foster care both simultaneously feeds that and challenges it.

My husband Jeremy and I have been married 10 years. We have two biological sons who are 13 (10.31.04) and 7 (7.30.10).

The purpose of this blog is to spread the good news and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, while shining a huge spotlight on the reality of foster care. My recent re-direction has been chosen by God. He has gifted me in ways only He knows and it is my job to operate in those gifts. If you read something you disagree with, agree with, or just plain love/hate, please contact me. I am available via email: crystal.kidd137@gmail.com. If you’re a fellow foster parent on this roller coaster of loving without limits, please reach out to me. I love to connect with other mamas in the trenches.

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